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DigestiCare, a user-friendly and intuitive app that allows users to track their daily bowel movements in exchange for individualized educational content catered to each users individual inputs was a group project I worked on with 3 teammates.

During the lifespan of the project I participated in an extensive ideation session to explore the concept of a digestive tracking app and what it might and might not entail to be taken seriously and to be utilized.

From that initial process I went on to lead the creation of the proto persona, I created and helped distribute a survey for potential users, from there I played a role in the drafting of both a user insight and problem statement to be addressed. I lead the creation of our paper prototype/ideation and played a role in the drawing of our lo-fi wireframes. I then participated in leading user testing on the lo-fi version of the app to assist in the further iteration of the final product. Beyond that I was key in the backend programming of the hi-fi prototype of DigestiCare.

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